Product News

Product News

Wesfil has been a leading supplier in the automotive industry for over 30 years, providing you with efficient and friendly customer service. We have 8 distribution points across Australia, those include Brookvale, Arndell Park, Newcastle, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane, Townsville and Perth.

Our Air, Oil, Fuel, Cabin and Diesel Particulate filter product range, delivers quality and clean performance efficiency. Our filters are NEW CAR WARRANTY COVERED. Please refer to our warranty statement, available here.

Wesfil are a major distributor for brands including Dayco, Osram, Trico, IM Group and Eagle products.

We are committed to the best quality and largest range of products. Our range can increase from 30-part numbers per month. Ask your local sales representative today, to check if you are carrying our complete range… don’t miss out on any sales.

Our Cooper Diesel Particulate Filters are made in the UK, reasonably priced and includes over 100 part numbers and applications across most vehicles in the Australian marketplace. Ask for your catalogue today!

Have you seen our new Cooper Kleen product range? Our GRAB A RAG multipurpose microfibre automotive cleaning rags are packaged in a portable pop up dispenser, containing 50 industrial strength, washable and re-useable rags, for grab and go cleaning. The new edgeless technology finish means no scratches! Use these wet or dry, with or without chemicals. They are water absorbent 8-9 times its weight. At a great price, these are selling fast!

Our Cooper Kleen Lemon Oil formula, Non-toxic wipes, come in a 40-wipe resealable pack and also a merchandiser box of 60 single packs. Suitable for hands and surfaces, these wipes get rid of grease, oil, tar, paint, dirt, silicon, adhesives and much more. No water is required, they are deep cleansing, fresh and moisturising.

TRI-POWER Iridium spark plugs, the complete range of 36-part numbers cover 95% of the carpark! These are all pre-gap set, so no gap setting is required! TRI-POWER Iridium Spark Plugs are manufactured and tested to the highest OEM approved quality standards. They offer an ultra-fine 0.6mm diameter Iridium alloy centre electrode for high performance and a platinum tip for the ground electrode. Priced competitively and come with a 2-year warranty.

Our Exelwipe wipers represent the most comprehensive OE quality range in Australia. Moderately priced, easy to install and offer a high performance quiet and clean wipe. These are a hot seller! Ask for your catalogue today!

Our range is continually expanding. Speak to your local sales representative today to find out more!